Sham Wow – Started Spring Spaniel

1 1/2 year old Springer Spaniel Female
“I acquired Sham wow about 6 months ago.  She was raised in a home with a family, she unfortunately fell into a situation many sporting breeds do.  She was purchased by a family that did not hunt because “she was cute”. The family soon realized she had great prey drive and was not just a cute puppy.  I placed Sham Wow into out training program and realized she is a great young dog with tons of potential.  She has great prey drive, and a natural retrieve.  Sham wow loves people and will make a great family/hunting partner.  I feel a home environment would be best suited for her personality.  She is spayed and 100% field ready and anxious for her first season”.
 Please contact me for more information…. Jeff Orwat

Dog First Aid Kit

Ready Dog First Aid KitNo matter what injury has occurred, you’ll be better prepared to handle it if you have a Ready Dog First Aid Kit with you. The Gun Dog Kit is the one that has been proven in the field and recommended by Veterinarians who understand the risks of the field.

It has the tools to remedy a face full of porcupine quills, the jagged gash from a barbed wire fence, a skunk encounter, and just about any other mishap that could befall your dog. In fact, from reams of gauze to paramedic shears, Kelly forceps, cold compresses, skin stapler, antihistamine tablets and even honey packets (good for getting down other pills and giving a blood sugar boost), you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better or more properly equipped dog first aid kit. Best of all, part of the kit detaches from the main unit so you can stuff it in your bird vest or shell bag and take it afield, where you’re likely to need it most.

Contact: Valhalla Kennels to pick up your custom first aid kit.

Gin – Started Dog

DOB 4-28-16
Black & White Roan

Click Here to Download Gin’s Pedigree

Gin has been a pleasure to watch develop into a bird dog.  With no shortage of enthusiasm she covers ground with a smooth and easy gait.  She is still built to run for the average foot hunter but has a medium range.  She displays a consistent intensity for any prey and is experienced in hunting  pheasants, chukar, and quail.  Gin will make an ideal hunting companion for those wishing to explore the wide open fields of the west.

Priced at $4500 as a started dog, there is an option to wait until the trained retrieve has been completed and purchase as a finished dog.

Gin is more than ready to hit the fields this fall and will not disappoint.  As with all Valhalla dogs she is house trained and well mannered and will be an easy keeper and enjoyable travel companion.

Please inquire with Jeff Orwat for appointments or video

No Gimmicks… Just Results.

At Valhalla our training program focuses on consistently turning out exceptional bird dogs. Obviously the natural talent of every dog varies but our trainers work to bring out the best in every client and the goal is to deliver a hunting companion that is confident in the field and is responsive to the handler.

How does Valhalla define a well-trained bird dog?

Over 40 years of combined training experience 20 years of a dedicated training program has put Valhalla’s program is a nationally recognized training program that has set the standard in consistently producing the ultimate upland bird dog. Our professional staff focuses on providing the ultimate experience for both dog and owner. Producing a bird dog that you can brag about at the end of the hunt.

Trainers take great pride in the level of training that dogs have upon leaving one of our programs and are passionate about providing results for every owner.

What makes a successful experience at Valhalla? Expectations and education.

First let’s start with an evaluation. Gauge exactly where your dog’s skill set is and give a realistic set of expectations for the program.

Education – you’ve invested in your dog’s education now it’s time to learn how to handle. Training the dog is only half the battle. Becoming proficient in your handling and correction of the dog in the field/home is the other half of the equation. When these two things come together in the field it makes for that quintessential hunting experience.

Trust, Expectations, and Education

These three fundamentals have been the foundation of our training program for the past 20 years.

We recognize that you are entrusting us with more than a dog. Our clients consider their dogs to be members of their family and want the best care and training available. At Valhalla we have a staff of dedicated kennel professionals take that trust seriously and are passionate about making sure every dog is safe, happy, and healthy. Our full time training staff take pride in every dog that leaves the program and have the highest of standards in the dogs they graduate.

For the best results in any of our training programs it’s essential to have well communicated and realistic expectations. An evaluation prior to starting a training program ensures that everyone knows the goals and the approximate timeframe. What you expect out of your bird dog and determining your dog’s existing skill set are the first steps at Valhalla.

The trainers have worked hard at developing your dog into a hunting machine. Now it’s your turn. Take advantage of over 40 years of combined training knowledge and learn the art of handling a bird dog. Confidently controlling, correcting, and trusting your dog in all situations is the ultimate goal of the Valhalla Gun Dog School of Excellence Program.