Performance Bred Labradors- designed for the Field and Home

We anticipate a litter of all black labradors due May 14th, 2020. Pedigrees are available upon request. Both sire and dam hit the trifecta of criteria for breeding. They have the looks, they have the temperament, and they bring the goods to the field every time. They are male/female clones of each other and we are so excited to meet the next generation they produce. Health certifications are also available upon request. While we are willing to sell to non-hunting homes is will be a waste of genetics and talent not to let these puppies shine in the field.

  • “Jazz” 3 year old Dam
  • “Zeke” 4 year old sire

Puppies will be available to pick at 7 weeks of age and will be released to new homes at 8 weeks of age

Dogs Unlimited and the Field King Products

Valhalla is proud to carry a select inventory from Dogs Unlimited and the Field King line of products.  Over the years Dogs Unlimited has maintained the highest standards in training gear that meets the rigorous demands of Gun Doggin’.  Check our Pro-Shop and stock up on the basics such as whistles and checkcords or visit for the full catalog of Gun Doggin’ gear.

Upcoming Litters

We are expecting our first litter of German Shorthair puppies for 2020 in April out of “Tess x Tac”.  This litter will be all white and liver puppies that are super charged and suited only for serious hunting homes.  $150 Deposits are being accepted for both males and females.  

Please call 303-644-5141 or fill out the form below for more information.

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GSP Puppies

A Day in the Life of a Bird Dog in Training

Now this is my favorite part of the morning, even better than seeing the morning crew and getting to play.  I watch eagerly as Jeff walks back and forth, loading up all the Bird Dogs that are staying at the kennel for school.

I can barely hold in my excitement.  Actually, I can’t hold in my excitement, which is why I’m jumping up and down, barking as loudly as I can, hoping I can catch his attention.  My training time with Jeff might be the best part of the day but waiting for my turn is the worst.

I know I could find every bird in the field, maybe even every bird in the whole world, if only he’s hurry up and get to me.

Finally, he comes to my kennel and it’s off to the training grounds.  Accessorized with a Dogtra E-Collar that beeps so Jeff can’t lose me, I am at last let off leash to do what I do best.

I find every single bird and I know Jeff is proud of how far I’ve come with my Bird Dog Training.

I have done my best and back up the kennel we go.  I can tell the staff have already finished feeding and medicating for the morning and now they are focusing on the daily sanitation of our kennel runs.

I like all the ladies who work here.  They may not let me out to run in the field and hunt birds like Jeff does but they are kind and patient and let me play in the yards all day long.

Thank goodness, its dinner time.  I definitely earned my meal tonight.  I lick the bowl clean, then wait for another turn in the exercise yard.  It’s the perfect way to end the day!

Being at Valhalla is my happy place!