Valhalla Kennels offers a variety of dog training sessions…

Select the session that best works for you,  your bird dog and your budget. Monthly training rates include kenneling and individual sessions to work with the owner and their dog. Private hourly training sessions are available to work on any training you want to focus on with your bird dog.

Boarding your dog? Why not get a brush up session while they are already at the kennel? Daily training rates are available for dog training while staying at Valhalla Kennels.

General conditioning sessions for your bird dog are also available for a nominal fee.

Interested in a great new program to continue your training with your bird dog and meet new people? Consider attending one of our Gun Dog School & Excellence classes held on Saturday mornings!

Monthly Training Fees: $1200 per month all inclusive

  • includes all live birds
  • Includes kenneling and feed
  • Includes private 1 hour handling session upon completion of training. Owner education on handling and properly giving and reinforcing commands is critical to the long term success of the training.
  • 1/3 off Membership per month of training

Private Training: $100 per Session

  • Includes 2 Birds
  • Training time will vary depending on the dog’s age and skill level
  • By appointment only

Trained Retrieve Program: $1000 per month plus birds

The finishing touch to any bird dog. You’ll notice the results in the field and home.

  • $100 Bird bill applied to each month of training
  • Valhalla’s Trained Retrieve program is guaranteed for life

Handler Training: $200

Take your handling skills with you and your dog to the next level. Spend 1/2 a day working dogs of all breeds and stages. This is an intensive one on one training experience. 4 hour training block.

Field Time:

Field time is available during your dog(s) stay.

Training and/or exercise on Valhalla’s property for the price of $20/session.

  • Birds can be added for a price of $25/bird
  • A budget for field time can be set ahead of time
  • Valhalla will provide all gear for Field time

For further information please call 303-644-4300