Hey Russ and Stephanie:  The lead puppy looks like my dog Sue when she was a pup.  By the way, Suzie, as I call her, has been an amazing joy.  She is eight years old now and you would think she was three or four.  Our season is over now and of course, she loves to hunt.  She is the most tame and gentle dog I have ever owned, she is great with the kids (five granddaughters ranging in age 13 to 6).  She has been the perfect pet for Pam and me.  After a morning of hunting she is pretty tired and stiff.  I try to keep her exercised everyday by walking a couple of miles.  She doesn’t walk, she runs.  The past couple of months I have been a little lax though and we get out three or four times a week. Suzie is amazingly obedient and she anticipates my every move.  Sometimes I think she can read my mind. I tell you all this as an expression of my appreciation and in case a potential buyer asks about your breed and training.  If you ever need a verbal affirmation about the quality of your dogs, I am happy to talk to anyone.

Sandy Sutton