Valhalla Kennels is the premier German Shorthair Pointer breeder in the nation. The breeding program at Valhalla is founded from a collection of the best shorthairs in the history of the breed including Hall of Fame legends Dixieland’s Rusty, Rawhide’s Clown, and Hill Haven Hustler. After decades of highly selective breeding Valhalla in now producing the champions and foundation stock for tomorrow. Valhalla Kennels strives to produce well balanced dogs with unequaled natural ability in each litter. Careful consideration is given to each breeding to make sure that sires and dams are well matched to produce the caliber of dog that  our customers expect. According to the AKC, Germans in the late 19th and early 20th century selectively bred the GSP for biddability, with steps taken later to improve stance, style, and nose in order to produce the quintessential field dog. At Valhalla Kennels we continue to refine this breeding philosophy with an emphasis on adding natural intelligence and calm demeanor to the breeding criteria. Valhalla German Shorthairs have been put to the test as high performance guide dogs, national competitors, and endurance athletes. When not in the field our dogs make excellent companions and have proven themselves to be loyal family pets. References are available but the best way to experience a Valhalla German Shorthair Pointer for the first time is to book a hunt and watch them in action. We would love to show them off in the field and have them speak for themselves.

Finished English Setter Male – Charlie

Charlie is a lovely mature dog with a charming nature. His extra years of experience in the hunting field mean that he is sharp, keen and a natural game finder. His age also means that he will settle into family life in a house far easier than a younger...

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Bailey – Started GSP For Sale

Bailey is a Chase x Bridgette female.  At 1 ½ years she has a full season of guiding at Valhalla and The Bluffs under her belt.  Her primary quarry has been Pheasants, Chukar, and Quail on the preserve.  For her age she has an amazing amount of maturity...

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Upcoming Litters

We will be announcing our 2018 breedings soon.

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