Attention all supple canines!

Do you have a hard time going between meals? Is the Jenny Craig diet not working out for you? Well don’t go away; I have a story to tell.

Doggy Fat Camp TestimonialMy name is Lady and I was overweight. I had a hard time getting off the couch to go hunting. Once out in the field, I was winded after 5 minutes and ready to take a nap. As if that wasn’t enough, my owners referred to me as Buddha and our friends at the trials called me Table Top. I was feeling pretty low.

So you ask yourself, what is a dog to do? The answer is


That’s right; Russell has a doggy fat camp. In just over 2 weeks I went from 75 lbs and doggie size 15 to under 65 lbs and a doggie size 8. Russell was in charge of exercise and Stephanie was my personal dietitian. I spent every day being exercised and was put on the Bil-Jack diet.

When Mom and Dad came to pick me up, I was a whole new dog and they didn’t recognize me!!! I was so pleased.

I felt just like a puppy again!!

So if you need help shedding those unwanted pounds in time for the hunting season, see Russell and Stephanie. They are here to pump you up!!!

Lady Testimonial