Champ - Trained at Valhalla KennelsJust thought I’d drop you a couple of jpegs on Champ to show how your handy-work has paid off. You’ll recall that I joined the Bluff’s a couple of weeks ago. This crazy dog can stand still, at least for a few seconds.

You might recognize the pointer Faith, Logan’s dog, who went out with us last weekend. Faith did great. Champ honored Faith’s points multiple times. One of these times, we thought he was honoring her point, when in fact they were pointing at 2 separate birds just 15 feet apart.

Thanks Valhalla! Dixie learned from Faith for a few hours, then found and retrieved these two birds on her own. Thanks for treating us so well.

Don Ayres

Champ - Trained at Valhalla Kennels

Don Ayres - Testimonial