Valhalla Kennels Staff

The staff at Valhalla Kennels is focused on treating your hunting partner like a guest in a five star hotel for canines. From feeding to grooming and taking care of medical issues as needed, the Kennel Staff is committed to making your dog’s stay at the Kennels comfortable.

Kimberly Fritzler


Kimberly began her career with Valhalla in 2005.  She is an avid outdoors woman who loves to camp, hike, & fish.  When Kimberly’s not caring for the “guests” at Valhalla she loves to scrapbook & plan her next trip to Disneyland!   “I love caring for dogs, it’s a dream job that I truly cherish.”

Stephanie MacLennan

Stephanie MacLennan

Stephanie has been the in the dog industry for 2 decades and has been part of the Valhalla family since 2000.  Stephanie is the proud mom of a Jack Russell Terrier, German Shorthair, and pointing lab.  Stephanie has helped her husband Russell build the Valhalla program into a world class destination for bird dogs and training.  “I’m blessed with a amazing team and great members that make coming to work very day a pleasure.”