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Scott King - Dog Trainer Valhalla Kennels and Gun Dogs

Scott was born and raised in Texas where his love of dogs devolved with his first Lab puppy Dixie. Scott served in the United States Coast Guard for over 11 years and then followed his dream of living near the mountains, being outdoors, and big game hunting in Colorado. Scott and his family have 2 GSPs and a Dachshund and he understands the balance of a hunting companion and family pet. Scott enjoys spending time in the field, working each dog individually, and is dedicated to producing the best hunting companion for you and your family.

“Great bird dogs are trained and developed with dedication to time in the field and precision handling. Natural instincts and a hard-working personality are also key to having what it takes. The same is true for great and talented dog trainers.” 

Russell MacLennan

Russell MacLennan is a respected bird dog breeder, trainer and upland hunting guide. He began his amateur training career in 1989 with a black lab named Buddy. Since then he has trained all breeds of sporting dogs and their owners for performance in the field and basic obedience in the home.

Russell is no stranger to competition, at age 14 he competed in the Colorado Pheasant Hunting Championships, hosted by Pheasants Forever. Along with the help of Sir Hershey of Surrey and Delery Guillory they won top honors. Since, Russell has trained for, and competed in a variety of competitions including:

  • National Bird Dog Challenge Association
  • A.K.C. hunt tests and horseback trials
  • A.P.L.A. qualifiers and many local hunting trials
  • Russell and his dog “Boo” own the record for the fastest time set in the Colorado Open Pheasant Hunting Championships. In 1997, Russell and “Boo” completed a six pheasant run in less than 5 minutes, posting one of the highest scores ever.

Russell was born with a gift to understand dogs and the patience to teach their owners.

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Russell MacLennan - Dog Trainer at Valhalla Kennels and Gun Dogs

“A dog is man’s best friend! So why can parrots talk?”