Liger is a 2 year old Vizsla. Liger has been professionally trained and handled since five months old. Liger just finished his second season of guiding at two of the premier gun clubs located in Eastern,CO. He is a hard running dog with incredible drive and natural talent. This dog will truly blow you away with his range and unlike other big ranging dogs he handles like a dream in the field, very little pressure. He honors from a mile away, hunts well in braces, and has an awesome natural retrieve. I have personally handled this dog and solely guided him for the past two years. We all know birds make bird dogs on an average week he would easily be on a couple hundred birds. Liger is a very clean dog and easy to keep, he will not make a mess in his outdoor run and will wait to be released. The bonus is Liger is also great with kids and housebroke. This dog is truly ready to go any place and hunt, he has it all. Liger is priced at $5500.