“Rickie J” in an exceptional Bird Dog that has consistently proven to be rock solid in the field and flawless in his handling. The only reason Rickie is being sold is because he deserves to be in a home and to be somebody’s buddy. He falls in the category of brag dog in the field and there is no doubt he will be the talk of the hunt back at the lodge or hunting cabin. Ricky’s range is considered medium (100 yards). He has an uncanny ability to find birds and is confident on pheasants, chukar, and quail. His retrieve is crisp to hand and he is trained on whistle and beeper commands. Rickie J has always been a very affectionate dog and will be perfectly content riding shotgun to a hunting field or errands around town, as long as he is being included he’s happy. Good with men, women and children but has never seen a cat. $3800

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